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Conceptualisation, design and implementation of advanced applications & websites

We take a close look at the purpose of websites and applications – already before they are developed. Thus, we avoid tying our customers to frameworks that are neither fitting nor long lasting in order to remain flexible.

Agile software development

We develop software with the help of agile project management methods like Scrum. Thus, we can react swiftly should initial assumptions not occur or if the market is changing.

Thanks to our European network of software developers, we are able to provide tailor-made solutions, meaning we are not fixated on one single framework to be imposed on each and every customer.

We permanently keep an eye on the analytical data to make sure the development is in line with corporate and marketing objectives.

Our services:

  • development of advanced websites and applications, even as MVPs
  • audits and co-development of existing systems
  • staffing of software teams, on-site and remote
  • introduction of agile project management methods
  • project support, for example as product owner or scrum master

Case: Big Data

XING Future-Me

The FutureMe project uses big data for professional career planning. Existing profiles are assessed and users receive recommendations on which steps should be taken towards the next career jump. These recommendations are accompanied by corresponding training offers. We supported FutureMe on the frontend, backend and UX.


Case: travel portal

my-AIDA App

The myAIDA App is an internet portal for cruise holidays that serves as a companion before, during and after the trip. Passengers will find all the relevant travel information, they can book extras such as excursions, wellness or restaurants, and it allows them to manage holiday fotos and videos. We supported the team during the technical development of the portal.

Blog: Technologie

What is Event-Sourcing

This blog post gives an insight into event-sourcing which we utilised for a larger project.


Blog: Technology


In this blog post we explain what CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and chess have in common.