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One of the world’s most respected brands in audio technology, with some of the best headphones on the market is supported by a vast network of vendors who manage the supply chain.

Sennheiser were struggling to identify the most and least effective sales channels, and how to give potential and current customers the best level of service during their checkout process.

Wacku was engaged to build a unified vision of metrics and analytics for the online sales process for Sennheiser, beginning at the search engine, through a person’s journey around the internet, culminating, hopefully with a sale in the Sennheiser online shop and an amicable follow-up from their after sales team.

The challenge of building a unified system that was robust enough to withstand many moving pieces and vendors operating different parts of the supply chain was significant, but with our expertise in browser-scripting and event orientated tracking technologies we were successfully able to script various likely use-cases for potential customers, and simulate them hundreds of times per day to make sure the system still worked.

To separate the wheat from the chaff, in other words so that our testing didn’t pollute Sennheiser’s metrics, we also developed systems to cancel our test orders automatically after verifying that everything had been correctly tracked.

The tracking system helped bring Sennheiser into the 21st century by exposing weaknesses in their online sales process offering, which in turn helped their customers directly, by avoiding the risk of over-paying for fakes on 3rd party retailers, whilst also making sure Sennheiser had an opportunity to directly build a relationship with their customers.