Software Development

Wacku offers end-to-end software development services on a fixed-price or hourly/daily basis. If our staffing service isn’t suitable for you (e.g if you don’t have a project manager on your side) we can simply work with you to define your product, and deliver you the finished article.

We prefer to work in an Agile inspired way, that means working with you, hand-in-hand to ensure that whatever we’re going to build for you has a definite financial upside for your business.

We believe in operating from first principles, and challenging your concept to help you, and us better understand what you want to achieve. We’ll help you identify which data to track to give us a clue if our approach, and your new product is working, and setup next-steps in case things go better or worse then hoped.

By working on smaller, more rapidly deliverable products that can be measured, we know the cost to your business will be less, we’ll have more happy customers, and together we’ll be putting the most useful, most cost effective version of your product in front of customers quickly.

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