"Go For The Masses" Training

A multi-day training course tailored to your organization with two expert staff who will take any capable software team and turn them into productive Gophers in less time than it would take Amazon to deliver a book.

Why Go?

If you’re looking at this course, you already know the answer, Go is a contemporary, type-safe language built by some of the most respected names in modern computing.

In use at Google for hyper scale tools and services, Go is well enough designed to serve every use-case from the hobbyist to the multinational corporation.

Course Structure

The course is structured to be given over either five or eight days. The five day abridged version fits into a working week but is incredibly dense. We prefer to split the material over two four day weeks to allow the participants to absorb the content and act upon it in their free time without the instructors on day five to prepare them for the second hands-on phase.


Intended Audience

The course is ideal for programmers who are competent in their own fields with some knowledge of C-descendant languages who intend to engage with the Go ecosystem and need a quick-start to the Go mindset and philosophy. The course focuses heavily on what makes Go unique, and how this informs the design of components big and small.

The course is Very hands-on, and under the direction of our mentors it is fully expected that some small piece of Go code will find itself into your production stack so that your team feel confident in using Go in all situations by the end of the course.

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