Case Study: Octimine

Our peers in the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s “German Accelerator” programme Octimine are a patent search company competing with Google and others to bring a faster, more accurate patent search to a wide variety of industries where such patent data is invaluable.

Funded, and with a working prototype Octimine was struggling under the weight of their data to make the periodic updates their customers demand whilst maintaining the reliability and speed that sets them apart from the competition.

Consulting their team we identified a number of quick-wins to assist them with setting up an immutable data pipeline which would allow them to scale horizontally whilst setting up triggers at each step of the process, which could simplify the many manual steps that were eating up the lion’s-share of their data science team’s working hours.

Separately we assisted them with designing and building a simple billing system to get their first paying customers on-board. The billing system was built on a very simple ledger system storing all interactions and tracking credits and debts and finally settling up periodically with the 3rd party payment handler.

The separation of book keeping from the implementation of the settlement system with the 3rd party payment gateway gives Octimine the freedom to switch suppliers at any time, and much more flexibility when on-boarding new customers by offering them an account credit, in lieu of a “trial” which helps the perceived value of the on-boarding phase, and motivates the new potential customers to really engage with the product.

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