Case Study: HumanTrust

Germany’s original and most successful life coaching community, the HumanTrust web platform of Life Trust GmbH & Co. KG forms part of a complex and intimate network of live-meet-ups, seminars, training courses and books and guides.

The pre-existing platform was a rats-nest of horribly outdated technology that had grown with the company and their staff organically into a nearly unmanageable mess. Our brief was to get involved, support their technical team and help them rebuild the platform from the ground up.

Owing to the profound level of trust their community demonstrate in the web platform, in contrast to sprawling social networks such as Facebook, the brief focused around building a platform where a contemporary approach to product agility could be enjoyed, data-driven without the data protection nightmare.

The HumanTrust platform is built on a CQRS/ES basis. This technical architecture means that rather than having mutable state, distributed over many different database technologies and databases, the platform’s state is stored as an immutable journal of all interactions that have ever taken place, and the current state is derived from this journal.

This approach allows HumanTrust to gauge the popularity of new features, and investigate the impact of small user interface changes on the behaviour of the user base at large.

On a micro level, the individual entries in the journal allow the support team to investigate hand-in-hand with the customer problems they might be having on the platform, and to exactly reproduce the steps that were taken which lead to the problem. On a macro level, it allows the platform to pre-generate a lot of content allowing the site to respond quickly to spikes in traffic.

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